The Secret to a Long Life

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My husband would be able to tell you that my favorite movies to watch are documentaries.  I am fascinated with finding out more about people and places all around me.  Often times real life stories are more intriguing than any Hollywood drama!  I came across a title on Amazon the other day that got my attention, The Oldest People in the World.  It’s a documentary from 2007 that highlights the lives of several 100+ year old individuals.  Each of their stories is completely different, and each person attributes their longevity to different reasons.  One woman had married and had children and never smoked or drank, another man, Buster, was a lifelong bachelor who visited the pub daily and was still working most days of the week.  There were people profiled living independently and some living in assisted care communities.  Most of the people profiled had stayed physically active and seemed to look at their age and life experiences in a positive light.  Even those who had many challenges would pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep going, because…well that was their only choice.

It got me thinking about my own longevity and that of my family.  Will my yoga and vegetarian lifestyle keep me active and healthy for a century?  How much will my attitude factor in to this?  What will be my secret to long life?

What about you?  What are your longevity secrets?  Leave your comments below.

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