Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing

Cape Fear, NC Assisted Living Communities

assisted-livingAssisted Living communities generally specialize in helping residents to maximize their independence, while providing supportive services to assist with everyday life. The services available at these communities are designed to help with a range of activities associated with daily living, which may include medication reminders, help dressing and bathing, meal and dining assistance, grooming and hygiene and emergency services. Assisted Living community staff members may also coordinate physician visits, transportation and shopping needs.

There are also social benefits associated with Assisted Living communities. Residents have opportunities to be engaged with activities and events coordinated by the staff, or volunteers in some cases. There are also typically common spaces for socializing, visiting or simply watching a TV program or movie. Amenities will vary by community, but a common goal is to offer some means for residents to remain as active as possible.

Cape Fear, NC Skilled Nursing Communities

about-choice-connectionsSkilled Nursing facilities are generally reserved for those who need ongoing, daily medical services or to provide short-term rehab services. Skilled Nursing communities, or nursing homes, have medical nurses on staff 24 hours a day and coordinate with physicians for more in-depth health needs. Meals are provided directly to residents and assistance is provided for every manner of daily life. Because the people who need the services of Skilled Nursing facilities cannot maintain their independence, these communities typically offer less privacy. However, many do offer social and recreational activities to keep residents both entertained and engaged.

Cape Fear, NC Rehabilitation Services

Skilled Nursing communities will often offer short-term inpatient rehabilitation for occupational, speech and physical therapy. These providers, as well as independent therapy programs offering the same types of services, may also serve individuals on an outpatient basis—in their homes or at an Assisted Living community, as well as at some adult day centers. Regardless of the program or service provider, a doctor’s order is required for Medicare to cover the costs of the therapy.

Choice Connections can help you determine what type of care will best meet your loved one’s needs, whether it is a move to a community or remaining at home with care brought in.