How We Work

How we Work | An easy process for a complicated situation.

We strive to make the process of determining the right community for your loved one as simple as possible for you. Rather than having to gather and interpret all of the sometimes conflicting information you’ll find on the web or hear from some representatives of the communities themselves, you can receive unbiased insight and options to best meet your needs. Our methods remove the guesswork and ensure the best care for you loved one.

Our simple step-by-step process.

how-we-work-3Needs Assessment 
Personalized assistance is a hallmark of what we do at Choice Connections. Understanding individual preferences, health care needs and finances are essential in order to narrow the search to find the perfect fit home. We begin our process by talking with you and gaining the understanding of those factors that we need to make the best recommendations.

Education and Recommendations
We are able to save you a lot of time and much of the confusion by guiding you through what seems like a labyrinth of options that are available. Having determined your needs, we can present the best options, allowing you to feel confident in the next steps of your search. We also empower you with information about the differences of care, costs and financial options.

Tours and Transition
When it is time to actually visit the communities and see all they have to offer, we will coordinate everything. We’ll set up the tours, and personally attend to all the details. Whenever possible, we’ll join you on the tours, to help ensure that the right questions are being asked and important features pointed out. Then, when a community had been chosen, we act as liaisons to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that your loved one is getting settled.

Follow Up
how-we-work-2We are committed to making sure that we’ve helped you make the right choice for the care of your loved one. Once the transition has been made, we will follow up in an ongoing capacity to ensure that everything is meeting your expectations and that your loved one is receiving the care and attention that’s needed and deserved.