You are never alone with Choice Connections—learn about our free senior housing advisory service.

Learn about Choice Connections of VAWhether you are looking for Assisted Living, Residential Care, Independent Living, Nursing Home or Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care, the search to find the “perfect fit” residence has never been simpler. We will help you explore and understand the most appropriate care and funding options.

Transitions are rarely easy, however, the array of resources available to our local advisors offers you personal guidance through the endless options in senior housing. We provide suggestions and recommendations on how to make the move as smooth as possible and to provide detailed information specific to your situation.

Because we are a community-based service, Choice Connections has extensive knowledge of local senior care options in Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender Counties, allowing us to save families time and stress. Our consultants are familiar with each community’s ability to accommodate various needs, the amenities offered, and the range of costs for each. Using this knowledge, Choice Connections can identify those communities that will best meet your needs.