In-Home Care

Cape Fear, NC In-Home Care Services


Some seniors prefer to remain in their homes and utilize in-home care as an option for receiving assistance with daily tasks. Providers of these types of services send caregivers to make regular visits at a residence, usually for fairly short periods of time. The costs of these services depend on the skill level of the provider, the schedule and the number of hours care is needed. For instance, personal care services for help with activities such as bathing or dressing, require greater skill and will be more expensive than companion services for help with activities such as shopping or transportation.

In-home care may be a better solution for those who only need a few hours of assistance per day and can schedule those times accordingly. In some cases, those who choose in-home care will also need to make modifications to their homes to ensure safety and minimize the risk of falls.

For those who cannot afford to have 24/7 care in the home or who desire to have more social interaction with other seniors, a move to a senior community may be a preferable alternative.

Choice Connections can help you determine what type of care will best meet your loved one’s needs, whether it is a move to a community or remaining at home with care brought in.